"We all need to protect Mother Earth and all her species."

creations from gaia


My Designs:

Plain and simple, I try to create art from sustainable elements I find in nature.  These materials include juniper, pinon, willows, tamarisk, stone, antlers and anything organic that strikes my eye.   I only use wood that is dead on the ground, and the willows and tamarisk I cut, promote regrowth to insure my art is "eco-friendly."   I hand-pick all  of these elements for distinct texture and color so that each piece is unique.  Most of my work has a southwest flavor and many designs hint of ancient, indigenous cultures.  The bulk of these designs can be displayed indoors or out.

The Artistic Intent:

To create organic art that will inspire others to realize the inherent beauty in wild places.  I also attempt to integrate the elements of soil, stone and vegetation that create the unequaled landscapes found in wilderness.   Everything I design is a tribute to Mother Earth and the rich, irreplaceable biodiversity of this planet