Art inspired by nature

Earth Spirit Designs is a unique collection of weavings and sculptures created from locally gathered, natural materials including willows, tamarisk, juniper, natural stone, and anything wild that enhances the art.  Every ingredient is hand-picked for color and texture to insure each piece is distinct.  All of these elements are harvested in the wild, and most of the willows and tamarisk are collected in the Gunnison River Drainage of Western Colorado.  These weavings and sculptures have a southwest flavor and are a tribute to the ancient cultures of this region.

  Some of the weavings are also fused into larger sculptures that are framed in juniper and lodgepole pine.  Hand-blown glass created at the North Rim Glass Studio in Crawford, Colorado, is also integrated into some of the designs.  Most of these pieces are indoor/outdoor and can be displayed as as wall hangings, garden panels and free-standing sculptures.

All vegetative cuttings used in these designs, promote regrowth, and other materials are collected from areas of abundance so that all work is "eco-friendly."

It is our hope that these designs reflect the undeniable spirit of Mother Earth and the rich biodiversity of this planet.